Jasmine Chen is a Chinese-Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto and Vancouver.

Jasmine was born in Toronto, where from an early age she was immersed in arts based education. An alumni of the Claude Watson Arts Program, Jasmine studied Music, Art, Dance and Theatre for nine years. She majored as a dancer for four years, training and competing in ballet, jazz and modern. In high school she majored in Theatre, where she was president of the Arts Council. Her time spent in extracurricular shows and performances led her to continue her post-secondary training in the Theatre Performance: Acting Program at Ryerson University, graduating with a BFA. Jasmine has worked extensively as a performer in Theatre and Film/TV. She is also a director, educator, movement coach and producer. Her work has taken her to Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia.

Artistic Statement

I am curious about the world and driven to investigate it on a daily basis. I live for collaboration and the sublime artistic experience that can only be created out of perseverance, rigour and passion. My objective is to continue to learn and grow through collaboration with other artists through a disciplined artistic practice that continually challenges me.